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The only website that is purely dedicated to renovation and repair of original GPO,PO and BT wooden,metal,bakelite and plastic based telephones.


GPO telephones and associated equipment always wanted, please email - cash paid on collection.

Based in Norfolk I carry out a full Restoration and Conversion service to vintage GPO telephones and associated equipment to a very high standard so that these working classics would complement any home or office.

Over a 50 year period The GPO/PO produced a wide and colourful variety of desk and wall telephones to suit any style and colour.

These familiar instruments offer a nostalgic visible link to a different time (depending how far back you can remember!) and are considered across the world  to be the most collectible and the best quality Vintage phones to have been produced.

Please browse the Gallery for some idea of the type of  vintage Telephone and colours are available .                                                


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