On this page is a brief history of GPO telephones from the mid 1930's to the early 1980's.

With the Bakelite models Black was the most common colour followed by Ivory then the much rarer Red then Jade Green especially if the 100 or 200 models have a matching Bellset.

The 162 'pyramid' model was introduced in the late 1920's and was the first widely available moulded telephone that could be mass produced.These are now very rare to find especially in undamaged condition.

The 232 'Pyramid' model was introduced in the mid 1930's,the 232/1 was available with a 'Cheese draw' where you kept the Exchange dialing code card for quick reference.

The 300 model desk phone was introduced in the late 1930's and incorporated an internal bell,this was the first phone that is in the style that we widely recognize as a telephone,various models were available including wall mounted models.

The 700 models were the first Plastic case phones with the 706 originally introduced in 1959 with the lighter weight model 746 introduced in 1967,Again these models were available in a large number of variations.

The Trimphone was introduced in the mid 1960's with a push button model being introduced in the mid 1970's,TRIM stands for 'Tone Ringer Illuminated Model'and featured an warbling ringing with adjustable volume and an back illuminated dial which glowed in the dark!