All of the Telephones I have for sale and advertised as 'Fully Restored' have been through a complete strip down and cleaning process and converted to be used on a modern network by simply plugging into your existing socket.

I also offer a Restoration,Conversion and Repair service to most GPO Telephones or other makes to any degree according to the customers requirements.

I carry spares for most types of phones so any repairs or replacement of parts that need to be carried out can be done like for like.
In most cases a new line cord is fitted with a standard BT plug and the ringing circuit is attenuated to match the rest of the phones on your line so that they will all ring together in harmony.
The case work and handsets are cleaned with heavy scratching and fading removed,then they are re polished to a very High Standard, bearing in mind some signs of use are still present and is to be expected with a Vintage item which is consistent with age in most cases.
I supply with a purchased Telephone a new dial label with your telephone number and local exchange name or just left blank so you can write/print your own number.
My standard rate for a basic conversion is £27.00 which includes New line cord and BT plug, test and set up for modern standards, strip down and general clean with a new Dial card which can be printed with your local exchange and telephone number or just left blank.
Plastic case models : A casework deep clean and polish which in most cases removes a high percentage of fading and scratches - prices start at £20.00 (depending on colour and condition-please Email)
Bakelite models (Black) : Multi stage deep polish and refinish by hand-prices start at £45.00 (depending on condition-please Email).
Repair prices start at £15.00, please contact for more details.
Prices are based on the fact that no extra parts are required but I never do any extra work without consulting the customer first.
P&P is not included but if you are local to the mid Norfolk area you are quite welcome to deliver to me or I can pick up and deliver to you for a small fee.